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Crossover Kids: Izzy Meets Bill by Invader-Sam
Crossover Kids: Izzy Meets Bill
Hypothetical, only because I don't know if Bill will be permanently defeated during Gravity Falls run or not. So if not, I figure he'd keep popping up to menace the Pines family as it grows.

Luckily, Izzy is so used to weirdness already, she's not scared. Though maybe she should be?

Gravity Falls (c) Disney
Invader Zim (c) Nickelodeon
Isabella (c) Me
SP: This Town's Too Small to be Mean by Invader-Sam
SP: This Town's Too Small to be Mean
So listening to the new Kacey Musgraves album and this song (…) inspired me something fierce. The title of the pic is a line from the end of each verse and while I think it might be sincere in the song, the way it's sung actually sounds as if it's meant to be ironic, and even a little threatening. And all I could picture when I heard it was this - the South Park kids ready to rumble with some outsiders who don't know who they're messing with!

Weapons breakdown:
Bebe - brass knuckles and sharpened nails
Kenny - baseball ball
Cartman - his fists (he doesn't really need anything else)
Wendy - mace
Kyle - broken bottle
Stan - 2x4 with nails

Also, first appearance of my design of Kyle & Stan. While I hesitated to have Kenny and Kyle both have a similar haircut, the look was just too perfect with Kyle's out-of-control curls!

I think I need to ink and color this one, if I can find the time. My schedule's pretty tight these days.

South Park (c) Trey Parker & Matt Stone
D x M Wedding: Everybody Smile! in color by Invader-Sam
D x M Wedding: Everybody Smile! in color
Colored version of this:…

From line art: Gaz's smile is the smile of someone who's gonna punch a handsy-co-best-man in the crotch once the photographer is finished. Dipper is as of yet oblivious to the imminent danger he is in. Dib is vaguely aware that something's gonna go down, but he's doing his best to keep it together for Mabel's sake. Mabel, of course, has her 'Wedding Goggles' on, so nothing is wrong, haha. Zim has reached 'I luv you guys' level of drunk, hence why he's so game for this photo session. Lookit 'im pose! ^_^ And Lydia's just trying to keep from dropping him, hehe.

I really love how this turned out - I had fun picking the colors!

Bouquet Catch:…
Co-Best Men:…
Quiet Toast:…

Gravity Falls (c) Disney
Beetlejuice (c) Burton
Invader Zim (c) Nickelodeon

(Background came from a google image search.)
So remember this story?… What originally began as a one-shot, now has four chapters over at…

I'm about half way through Chapter 5 as well, so if anyone's intertested, please go take a look! I really am having fun writing it!!


Samantha Lynn
United States
Current Residence: Nowhere'sVille, PA
Favourite genre of music: All sorts - Alternative Rock, Country, Some J-Pop, most anything from the 80s ^_^
Shell of choice: Turtle shell, of course!
Favourite cartoon character: Discord (MLP: FiM), Raphael (TMNT), Beetlejuice, The Cast of FMA, Cast of Shaman King, The Chipmunks & Chipettes
Personal Quote: When you're rich, you're not crazy - you're eccentric!

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